DIY Routine Area Rug Care

rug in room

Rugs can make an easy and comfortable accessory for any room, especially taking into account that they come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. It is a great way of bringing everything together in the room and adding a finishing touch to it.

However, in case of any damage, stains or wear, the rug can also ruin the overall look of the room. So in order to avoid that, you should be taking good care of your rugs and following the necessary steps to prolong their lives.

First of all, you should clean your rugs regularly. For most materials, regular vacuuming can do the trick of removing surface dirt and soil. Vacuum your rugs thoroughly once a week and you will be good to go.

Smaller rugs can also be simply shaken to remove surface dust and dirt. Keep in mind that vacuuming will only be helpful to remove pet hair and soil. Any small objects like coins, needles, paper clips and so on, should be picked up by hand, or else you will ruin your vacuum.

Pay special attention to the material of the rug: silk rugs, for example, are very gentle and require professional cleaning and over time all area rugs will require some form of professional cleaning. But don’t confuse area rug cleaning with carpet cleaning.

Besides vacuuming, you should spot clean your rugs when necessary. In case of spills and stains, immediately blot the area with a clean paper towel to absorb the liquid. Any solids should be scooped up off the rug immediately. After blotting the area, use some detergent to clean it. Once again, blot the detergent instead of rubbing it. If you rub it, there is a chance of smudging the stain even further. Use detergents on a small unexposed area of the rug at first, to make sure that it doesn’t fade out the color or damage the fibers.

After cleaning, rinse the area with water, if appropriate, and let it dry thoroughly. For any heavy stains, like gravy, oil or butter, use a dry-solvent cleaner. For pet urine or vomit, use a citrus-oxygen cleaner or a detergent solution, rinse and blot dry after. In case of vomit or pet urine, it is better to have the area disinfected as well since the contaminated area can lead to sickness and disease.

In general, pay attention to the tags whenever purchasing a rug. Some rugs are machine-washable, which will make your life much easier. However, make sure the rug dries completely before using it again, as the moisture in rugs can lead to mold growth. It is better to dry your rugs on a clothes-drying rack, so they don’t get stretched out under their own weight.

Another useful tip: turn your rugs every once in a while. As the exposed areas of rugs have a higher chance of being worn, as well as getting faded, take your time to turn the rugs once or twice a year to even out the signs of wear.

Last but not least, make sure to get your rigs professionally cleaned at least once a year. Deep clean is necessary to get rid of any pet dander, dust mites, bacteria and so on. It will also freshen up your rug and prolong its life.