DIY Party Hats

birthday party

The cost of party supplies for a child’s birthday party can add up fast. So, here’s a fun idea! Have the children each create their own DIY party hat when they arrive for the birthday party.

It is very easy for children to make their own DIY party hats with adult supervision.

Here is what is needed for this project:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String
  • Stapler
  • Decorative Accents


Have the children cut off the four corners of a piece of construction paper until you have a circle. You or another adult can assist with the scissors if the children are too young. When you have a circle shape, cut a narrow train from the bottom left “corner” of the circle shape.


Fold the circle into a cone. You can do this by overlapping the two bottom corners of the narrow triangle cutout. You should overlap the corners until the hat will fit correct on the child. You should adjust accordingly until you find the right fit. Then staple the fold together to hold the cone shape.


Now decorate the cone or hat. You will want glitter or beads and other fun accents for the hat. You could also purchase stickers that match the theme of the party and the child could add stickers to the hat too. This is the part where you let the child be creative and decorate their hat however they want to. You should have materials and accents that the child can easily glue onto the hat.


Now pierce two holes in the bottom of the cone hat on opposite sides of each other. Then cut a piece of string and string it through the two holes and tie a small knot on each side. The string will help to hold the hat on the child’s head during the birthday party.


That’s it! The child can wear their own DIY party hat now and go and have more fun at the party with their friends.

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