DIY Cleaning Products


We’ve provided tutorials on DIY glue and more in recent posts and today we want to provide a “how-to” on DIY cleaning products for your home or apartment.

Let’s face it. Cleaning products and chemicals are very expensive and they’re not healthy for you either. Several store-bought cleaning products contain toxins and solvents that are not good to breathe in.

What if we told you there was a way to clean your home without cleaning products or chemicals? This would mean you could save money and avoid breathing in toxins and contaminants in your home.

Here are some DIY cleaning products for your home:


That’s right. Lemons are an amazing cleaning product and much cheaper than store-bought products and cleaners. You can use lemons as a disinfectant or mix them with water for a lemon-scented deodorizer in your home.

You can also slice a lemon in half and place it in a dish of water and then leave that dish in your microwave or refrigerator for a pleasant aroma in those spaces. Just be sure to replace the lemon slice each week.

White Vinegar

A bottle of white vinegar is only $1-2 at the grocery store and is the perfect replacement to many types of cleaning products and chemical solutions. You can use white vinegar as a disinfectant and as a deodorizer in your home.

Mix a solution of half water and half vinegar and spritz it on your carpet for a pleasant, fresh carpet deodorizer. This will conceal odors from most carpet stains besides pet urine odor. For pet urine odor, you should hire a local carpet cleaning service near you. Learn more online:

Table Salt

Table salt is able to help with cleaning stains on carpet and other surface. Sprinkle table salt over the stain if the stain is still wet. The salt will absorb the moisture and most of the stain. Then you can just wipe up or vacuum over the stain to remove the salt.

If there is more of the stain remaining, you can dab it with a damp towel and repeat the process again since the stain will be wet again.

Salt is extremely cheap and odds are you already have some in your home.

Baking Soda

You can complement white vinegar and water with baking soda to create a lather similar to soap. The lather will clean just as well as soap but it won’t create a residue or require a lot of water for rinsing. Often, soap will remove dirt and stains but traces of the soap will remain on or in the surface and lead to soiling and re-staining as the soap attracts dirt and other spills around it.

Warm Water

The truth is, plain, warm water is great for cleaning. For many stains, you don’t need anything more than a damp towel or a small spritz of water. The only stain you should not use water on is an ink stain as the reaction can lead to a permanent issue.

Club Soda

You can use club soda and carbonation to lift dirt and stains off of fabric and carpet. Just dab the club soda on the stain and watch as the carbonation and bubbles lift the dirt or liquid from the fabric. A bottle of club soda is typically $1-2 at the grocery store.